Saturday, September 18, 2010

Asin To Fund 8 Year Old Orphan Radhika’s Education

Asin Thottumkal 200x299
Actress Asin Thottumkal of Ghajini fame is trying to gather some good will after gathering her share of success both in Hindi as well as South Indian film industry. The actress has taken a decision to sponsor the education of an eight year old orphan girl called Radhika, who hails from Kerala.In a statement, the 24 year old actress was quoted saying that she has been working for child rights and children’s education for a long time. She confirmed the news saying that she has taken the responsibility of bearing the education cost of this girl. The orphan girl will get financial support from the actress till her college education.

Asin added that she is planning to take care of many other children too, besides Radhika. The actress wants to expand her reach to help such children as far as possible for her.

On her career front, the actress is going great after the success of Ghajini. She worked in London Dreams, which could not do well but she signed another film titled Ready with Salman Khan and recently got the assignment of endorsing Lux Soap. She is seen endorsing some other brands like Big Bazaar, Mirinda, Tata Sky, Sure – Anti Oerspirant, Fairever Fairness Cream and Clinic All Clear.

The good humanitarian works of the actress are probably paying her back!