Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hrithik Nods Assent To 'Agneepath' Remake, Finally….

Smacking of indecisiveness, quite typical of a Capricornian, Hrithik Roshan dragged his feet over giving the final nod of assent to Karan Johar's new version of 'Agneepath.'
There's little dispute that inevitable comparisons with Amitabh Bachchan and his National Award bagging performance would follow. After a lot of mulling over, however, Roshan Junior seems to have made up his mind over the decision.

Reportedly, Hrithik listened to the final draft of the script and deemed it fit to accept the cinematic challenge, the filming of which has been slated for March 2011.

As per sources, Genelia D'Souza will share screen space with Hrithik for the maiden time with the K Jo flick.

States a close source, "Although Hrithik was very excited about the 'Agneepath' remake, he had reservations over playing the iconic character. But after reading the final script he was only too happy to sign up for the film. The movie will be shot in one single schedule in March and April, next year. The original 'look' of the film will be retained, but it will have a more contemporary feel to it. The story will be set in a small village like Mandva, in the original. But the don, Vijay Chauhan will be based in a foreign country and not in India."