Saturday, August 28, 2010

When Akshay Kumar lost his temper

Actors often complain that losing privacy is the price they pay for their stardom and the advent of cell phones has made them even more vulnerable to fans invading their privacy.
So much so that even, Khiladi Kumar, known to be one of the most patient actos in the tinsel town, lost his temper when one of his fans continued clicking snaps with his cell camera despite the actor warning him not to do so.

This Sunday night, Akshay was at a five-star hotel with wife Twinkle. After the couple left the hotel and was stepping into their car, a fan came forward and started taking their pictures on his cell phone. Seeing his wife uncomfortable at being clicked without permission, Akshay asked the person to stop doing so, but the man continued and the angry star walked upto the man, snatched his phone from his hand and threw it on the ground, then crushed it to pieces under his foot. Leaving the cell phone owner stunned, he drove off into his car.

However, sources close to Akshay deny that he lost his temper and told that all that happened was Akshay asking the person politely to take permission before clicking someone and there was no such thing as the phone being broken or so.

Akshay Kumar is very particular about his pictures and he always poses for pictures whenever his fans ask him to do so. He finds it rude when people take pictures when he is dining at a restaurant.