Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aamir Khan to play the villain in ‘Dhoom 3′?

The expectation levels for Aamir Khan have been soaring higher with every hit he delivers at box-office. His ‘3 Idiots’ was a rage at the box-office and though the actor is now busy
with the release of his next venture ‘Peepli Live’, he now intends to do something which takes him a level higher than his previous hits and is yet dynamic, different and challenging at the same time.

Reports have it that Aamir Khan is considering to work with Yash Chopra with his ambitious multi-starrer ‘Dhoom 3’ where he may play a villain with a much stylized look. Recently, Aamir met Aditya Chopra, who gave the actor a brief narration of the role in the film and Aamir apparently loved what he heard. There will be a sitting for the script narration on August 13 when he returns from Melbourne and Delhi.”

‘Dhoom 3’ has always given a new frame, recognition and identity to its villains, be it John Abraham in ‘Dhoom’ and Hrithik Roshan in ‘Dhoom 2’. If this works out with Aamir Khan, the project will be beneficial to both the makers and the star himself. The third sequel to ‘Dhoom’ will be directed by Sanjay Gandhvi.