Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minissha Lamba to be able to work upon him curves for Zila Ghaziabad

Minissha Lamba had all his daring and outrageous act surprised bikini for Maxim. She now plans to convince its fans once again, this time with a curvy makeover. The actress plays a village belle sexy mistress and Arshad Warsi in Ghaziabad Zila his next film and the director, Anand Kumar, apparently they want to enhance their curves to fit the role better. She goes to a lot of sports-cholis ghahgra the function for which they need a more rounded figure.

 Like a true professional Minissha is working hard on her curves and has incorproated more carbohydrates in the diet. She is also doing some specific exercises for your body right for Zillah Ghaziabad.

Lamba confirmed:.. “Of late, I was doing a lot of cardio, which reduced my fat percentage. Now, my fat percentage needs to go up for Zilla Ghaziabad because I need to look very sexy. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I am working on my diet and exercising to achieve the same. Also, I am taking certain dietary supplements.”