Sunday, July 24, 2011

Final Race German Grand Prix 2011 Live F1 Streaming Free TV Channel On PC

The German F1 Grand Prix 2011 live coverage features Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel racing in his home turf against the best F1 drivers at Nurburgring, Germany on July 24, 2011. This will be a homecoming race for homegrown German F1 racers and former F1 champions in the 10th race of the Formula 1 2011 season.

Formula 1 Grosser Preis Santander von Deutschland 2011 race preview

The 2011 German F1 Grand Prix is a must-see F1 race of the season as everyone goes after local hero Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull team after dominating the first half of the season winning six of the nine Grand Prix already. The Nurburgring circuit offers the action and drama of an exciting Formula 1 race with lots of overtaking and passing along its sharp corners.

Michael Schumacher of Mercedes GP has won four German Grand Prix races in his career in this circuit.  The German racing legend champion holds the lap record of 1.29.468 in 2004 with Ferrari. This could be his breakout race after coming back from retirement. Schumacher hopes that their Mercedes WO2 F1 car will deliver its optimum potential to help him secure a podium finish after his return to F1 racing. Teammate and fellow German driver Nico Rosberg promises to give Vettel a stiff race to break his winning momentum.