Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rahul Bose gets candid for ‘andpersand’

He may not have that Greek god like physique but his talents and confidence definitely make Rahul Bose one of the most sought after heroes in Bollywood. As the actor appears on the cover of ‘andpersand’, he appears confident enough to pour out his feelings and his views on sex. He also happens to be the guest editor of the issue.
Rahul Bose bares all for this issue as he goes on to explain why he is still single and unmarried, his first girlfriend, first sex and why he doesn’t need marriage. In his words, “Men marry because they want to be a hero. Since the age of 18, I knew marriage was a bad idea. At 43, I know exactly why it so.”

Rahul also wants a UN resolution against hair loss and is hard hitting with his comments like “Men work to take their mind off sex!”