Thursday, November 25, 2010

Check Out Mallika Sherawat’s car washing act in ‘Love, Barack’

Mallika Sherawat came across a big blow when her much ambitious and talked about project ‘Hisss’ bombed at the box-office but the sex kitten still has a few Hollywood projects to be released soon and if the pics of the same are to be gone by, her forthcoming ‘Love, Barack’ is supposed to cash in on her oomph appeal.
The video of the flick as seen in youtube has Mallika perched on a car bonnet, and is seen getting wet and wild while doing a car wash in the video. One can see Mallika here attempting to strike up all the possible sensuous poses in her repertoire, the most popular being that ‘bending down’ in front of her ogling male co-star.

After taking Bollywood with a storm with her steamy and bold scenes, Mallika is all set to rock the west with her appeal. Love her or hate her but the fact remains for sure that you cannot ignore her!!