Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A theme bash and lavish car for the birthday girl Eesha Koppikar

Seems marriage is working out very well for Eesha Koppikar who was overwhelmed when her husband Timmy Narang pampered her with a surprise theme party and a luxury car on her birthday.Talking about her birthday gift, an elated Eesha said, “Though I love cars I am very simple where my tastes are concerned. Timmy decided to pamper me by gifting me a 7 series BMW.

When I woke up in the morning, it was all packaged and ribboned in the driveway. I thought the car was for him and even remarked ‘That’s a nice car!’ That’s when Timmy told me it was for me. I was stunned!”

She chuckles as she adds on to describe her birthday party, “The party was at Narang House with over 200 people attending. The theme was gothic with a vampire overtone. I wore a vintage black dress with black beads and a cross while Timmy wore black lipstick.

We decorated the room with illuminated crosses, creepers, coffins, candles and blue lights while the dance floor was lit up with neon lights so when we flashed our teeth they looked green. I called it my ’spooktacular party!” Even the food and beverages were in sync with the theme.”

Well, for those who still want to see the actress’ magic on screen, there is a good news as the actress goes on to say, “I cut down on films when I got married. I decided to take a sabbatical. I wanted to enjoy my marriage but now I am reading scripts and hearing narrations. ”