Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sonakshi Sinha: Yet another showstopper tripping on the ramp

Seems gowns are turning out to be a nuisance for Bollywood beauties making them trip on the ramp with their flow. While Sridevi tripping on the ramp thrice for Neeta Lulla has not faded from the news archives, Sonakshi Sinha adds one more trail to the tripping spree as she walked onto the ramp with a golden gown wear as the showstopper for the designer Gavin C Miguel.The gown, which had intricate and delicate embroideries, was supposed to be pulled up by Sonakshi after three steps to climb down the stairs but the actress missed the part and ended up tripping on her outfit. Sonakshi was extremely upset but when the audience offered its support by cheering and applauding the actress, she composed herself and finished the walked but did not come back on the stage with the designer as is done by the showstopper.

Zayed Khan, who was also present at the event as the show-stopper for Vikram Phadnis said, “It’s really sad that Sonakshi fell. But I love stunts and if I had tripped, I would have made it into a quick action act.”

Well, this is just the start for the pretty newcomer. There will be a lot of trips before she finally reaches the top slot in Bollywood!!