Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Crook’s success rests the future of Mohit-Udita relationship

Udita Goswami has nothing impressive going on in her career for quite sometime now, but the girl sure has some action going on in her personal life. She has been having a steady affair with director Mohit Suri, with the normal share of highs and lows. Now, the couple is keen to tie knots provided Suri’s latest project ‘Crook-Its Good To Be Bad’ witnesses success at the box-office.

Suri reasons this condition for the marriage saying, “I need money to support the lifestyle Udita is used to. There’s no point in getting married and then thinking of practical matters. So yes, Crook has to be a success. The day it’s declared a hit, I’ll propose to her. Then the ball is in her court.”

No wonder, Udita seems to be praying hard for the success of the flick!!!