Saturday, October 16, 2010

John Abraham sentenced 15 days’ imprisonment and fine in a case of rash driving

The popular Bollywood stars John Abraham has been sentenced to 15 days of simple imprisonment by the additional chief metropolitan magistrate of Bandra, S V Kulkarni in a case of rash driving that was registered against him in April, 2006.
In the accident, he injured two men when his motorcycle hit a cyclist at 11 pm on Khar Danda Road four years ago. He is fined Rs 1,500 and the 1,000 rupees would be paid to the victims as compensation.

While pronouncing the verdict Abraham was present in the court and he paid the fine immediately and his lawyer sought bail and a stay of the order to be able to appeal against it. The court further stayed its order for a month and granted him bail. However, Abraham refused to comment, when contacted by media persons. The guilt of rash driving on a public road is being punished in a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment. The court there displayed leniency towards Abraham as he did not run away from the scene and showed kindness by admitting them to a hospital though he to also suffered injuries. He admitted two victims Tanmay Majhi then 19-year-old and Shyam Kasbe (22) to a municipal hospital and then got himself admitted to Lilavati to be treated. Kasbe died two years later due to TB.