Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sujoy Ghosh: ‘Kahani’ is a Vidya Balan film

Actress Vidya Balan is currently in Kolkata along with director Sujoy Ghosh for the latter’s next project ‘Kahani’ which is a thriller set in Kolkata. ‘Kahani’ is a women oriented film and Sujoy admits that he had only Vidya in his mind for the role.Sujoy says, “This is a Vidya Balan film. I make no excuses to hide that. Rest of the cast is being worked out. The challenge was to get Vidya to agree.”
“What I like about Vidya is that she is dead fussy, but in a good way. She has an uncanny sense about scripts. I thought Kolkata, heroine-oriented film will immediately get to say yes. I was wrong and how!” he adds.
Vidya is also doing Santosh Sivan’s Malayalam film ‘Urumi’, where she will do an item song. Though Urumi is not a full-fledged role for Vidya, it’s a gift to her parents (who want her to work in Kerala’s film industry) and a step towards doing more films. In Urumi, Vidya will be seen in a sensuous dance number. It’s a fusion of different classical and modern dance forms. Vidya will soon start learning these dance forms from an expert.