Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rajesh Khanna with Pakistani Actress Sara Khan - HOT!!!

The Indian Cinema has seen very few people reach the stardom associated with the legendary Rajesh Khanna. "Kaka" as many call him has been the heart-throb of millions and a role-model for all the lover boys of the future. It is however very unfortunate that a star of such magnitude would disgrace himself and his legacy in the following way.
A legend disgraces his legacy!.I have very fond memories of Rajesh Khanna from films like Apki Kassam and Katti Patang, not to mention Anand. His place in the hall of fame of the Indian Film Industry is undisputed. Why the does he need to stoop down to the level where he indulges in a B-Grade film that too in such unceremonious fashion.

With "Big B" not caring for blatant copying and "Kaka" associating himself to cheesy B-Grade stuff, one can only say that the Legends are on Self Destruct Mode!