Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mallika Sherawat cheers for India at the India Day Parade in New Jersey

A sweating Mallika Sherawat, dressed in off-white salwar kameez for a change, had a trying time as she had to waive her hand constantly under scorching heat and shouted ‘hail to India’ as she made her attendance on India Day Parade in New Jersey that marked India’s 64th Independence Day. This is an annual event held by the Indian Business Association in association with scores of other Indian American Organizations to celebrate India’s Independence.

With thousands of people to the one mile parade route, more than 25 floats including ones by Air-India, Western Union, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and Friends of Gujarat, three marching bands, and hundreds of marchers, parade organizers and police agreed that it was biggest in its history. The crowd figures was estimated variously by the Chandrakant Patel, president of the Indian Business Association that organized the parade as somewhere near 40,000 and other veteran parade watchers, as somewhere around 20,000. But the crowd did not just consist of Indian Americans although they were indeed were the overwhelming majority.
Well, given the heat was scorching and the crowd overwhelming and Mallika used to being revealed in a dress rather than being covered, we hope it was not too uncomfortable for the ‘Hisss’ star!!