Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boss Khan's Bigg Dum Demands!

He pocketed a kool Rs. 89 crore for 104 episodes of 'Dus Ka Dum' in its first season, as per reliable sources. For season two of 'DKD', Salman Khan demanded an increment of Rs.44 crore…though his request was chucked citing a cash crunch owing to recession.
Khan amicably agreed…and the second season of 'DKD' went off smoothly. "I love this show," SK had admitted in an earlier media quote.

Says a close source, "The season three of 'DKD' was supposed to start this year, but the channel guys made Salman wait a lot, because the focus had shifted to Amitabh Bachchan and 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' Season Four. Yet Salman never kicked up a fuss at all."

The flashpoint for the split from 'DKD' and Khan rushing into 'Bigg Boss' Season Four, reportedly, came when Khan demanded a higher asking fee. And rightfully so.

Explains a reliable source, "When Salman began talking terms for the third season of 'DKD', he was told that he would not get a hike in fee. Salman argued that since the recession was over, why shouldn't he get a better pay packet? His take was that when he'd stood by them in their time of crisis, why shouldn't they repay him now? But the broadcaster tried to soft peddle the issue."

Adds the insider,"Salman realised that it didn't make any sense in waiting further and immediately agreed to go ahead with ' Bigg Boss' Season 4. He's very happy to be doing this show. Also, he has made it very clear to the organisers of 'DKD' that if he does do their show , it will be on his terms and price only."

My way or take the highway…slams Sallu.