Saturday, July 31, 2010

Will Vivek Oberoi host ‘Big Boss 4′?

Vivek Oberoi is awaiting the release of his next flick ‘Rakta Charitra’ with RGV and is busy with its promotions these days, but the actor has already another project ready for him.If the sources are to be believed, Oberoi has been approached by the producers for hosting ‘Big Boss 4’ after the offer was turned down by Big B and SRK. Earlier Vivek had also been approached for the new season of ‘Swayamvar’ after Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan.
However, the news could be just rumors as sources close to him say with confidence that Vivek has no such plans in mind. A source close to him said, “What? Vivek is hosting ‘Big Boss’? Now that’s some news because Vivek is definitely not doing the show. Yes, there have been some murmurs around him hosting the show but none of that is true.”

“It can be stated with confidence that Vivek is not even remotely contemplating getting into television. He has things to look forward to in the world of movies. There is Rakta Charitra getting ready for release. Also, there is a film happening with Mani Ratnam. He would like to totally concentrate on that rather than getting his attention diverted to other mediums,” he added.