Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nayanthara not hot anymore

NayantaraNayanthara, the glam girl of Kollywood who has always been in the news, is currently maintaining an extremely low profile. The actress is shooting in Chennai for a song with Arya for her last assignment in Tamil - Boss Engira Bhaskaran - which will be ready for release in September.
The elusive Nayan refuses to meet anyone or to be in the public eye. Even when the media tried to provoke her with news that she exchanged garlands with Prabhu Deva at a pooja held in the latter’s house or that she signed an endorsement deal for a record price, she did not react and preferred to play it down. The actress, who was doing only bigbudget mass commercial films with superstars in Tamil and Telugu till last year, has now cut down on her number of assignments and is plainly refusing glamour roles. She is eagerly looking forward to her first offbeat role in the Shyamaprasad-directed Electra in Malayalam. However, controversies continue to chase her, as a sensational picture of Nayan showing her bare back with a big tattoo was used as publicity for the film. Sources close to the Electra unit says that Nayan agreed to get the tattoo done and do the particular scene as it was crucial to the story, though she had requested that no stills from the scene should go out as publicity material. But when she saw them in a Malayalam film magazine, she was upset and raised a furore. Says a source close to Nayanthara, “How could Shyamaprasad, an arthouse director known for his offbeat films, do such a mean thing to promote his film?” Sources state that Nayan does not want any blast from the past to affect her “beautiful life with Prabhu.” When news last came in, she has agreed to do another offbeat film in Malayalam with Mammootty directed by debutant Prakash, which will be an adaptation of a famous novel written by legendary writer Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer. So, what is it that makes Nayanthara take an extreme step of refusing offers from top commercial banners and stars when she is still in demand? While some say that it is Prabhu Deva who wants her to stop acting, others state that she wants to call it a day and quit when she is at the peak of her career and opt for marital bliss. Recently, she refused an offer to star in superstar Shivarajkumar’s 100th Kannada film Jogayya and a Tamil film with a hot and happening young actor to be directed by a top director. Meanwhile, insiders say that she is helping Prabhu Deva with the making of Itch and is travelling with him to exotic locations of the film!