Saturday, July 17, 2010

Creating stirs - Hot Riya Sen’s super hot smooch

Since Bong beauty Riya Sen has nothing much to contribute to her acting career these days, she is doing what could be the best way to keep her in media glare, that is, party hard and be seen on Page 3. But the actress has gone a step further. This time she is in news for a super tight lip lock she implanted on the upcoming actor Suraj Pancholi (Aditya Pnacholi’s son) before several celebrities leaving the newbie utterly shocked and embarrassed.
It all happened at a party at Prive in South Mumbai where Riya got so drunk that she couldn’t control herself, got hold of Suraj and before the young actor could realize what is about to happen with him, he found himself under a hot smooch from Riya. Suraj tried to get away but Miss Sen was in no mood to set him free.
Now that’s some hot action from a hot bombshell!!