Saturday, May 22, 2010

Movie Review - ‘Kites’ fails to meet its hype and expectations

The much-hyped and perhaps the most awaited summer release ‘Kites’ opened in theatres yesterday and evoked mixed response from the viewers. The major drawback of the movie was its failure to live up to the promises and hype which had been built up with the much hullaboo about sizzling chemistry and passionate romance between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori.The storyline of the film is sheer romance but lacks the smoldering and passionate sexual chemistry between the two stars which was what the fans expected. The story of the film is simple and predictable with no new twists. Jai aka J (Hrithik) is a street-smart Las Vegas guy who romances with a rich girl Gina (Kangna Ranaut) for her wealth. When he meets Gina’s brother Tony’s (Nick Brown) fiancee Natasha (Barbara), he falls in love with her. Natasha too falls for him and the lovers elope and then the chase begins.
Set aside the negative aspects of the movie and you have two great looking sexy people with some interesting moments, gripping action sequences in the second half of the film, international look and appeal and best of all, melodious scores by Rajesh Roshan.
The international version seems to be more impressive than the Hindi version considering the global appeal. To sum it all, a one time watch and an average turnout for an over hyped movie!!!